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About us

How to conduct a successful business, providing customers with reliable and quality services? We at Kintetsu World Express, Inc. know exactly the answer to this question: almost 70 years, since 1948 we are creating new business opportunities, providing logistics services and cargo transportation around the world.

The international corporation, Kintetsu World Express, Inc was founded in Japan in 1948, and over the years its activities have swept the whole world. The group includes over 130 companies represented by 717 offices in 322 cities and 44 countries, and the business sphere extends to other segments as well. KWE is actively engaged in tourism, international development, heavy industry and many others. To meet the needs of our customers, more than 50,000 employees work in KWE offices in 205 cities on different continents. Thanks to their efforts, today the capitalization of Kintetsu World Express reaches $ 18 billion, making it one of the recognized leaders in the world market of logistics and cargo transportation.

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