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Customs Clearance

In Russia, KWE has been providing brokerage services since 1999 and was one of the first companies in the country to provide services for the remote completion of a customs declaration. Our company is a licensed customs broker. Our representatives are in many large transport hubs - airports, sea and land terminals, railway stations and work with all kinds of customs regimes.

Closely and fruitfully cooperating with state structures, we prepare all necessary documentation, codes and classification of cargoes and guarantee not only the maximum convenience in the preparation of declarations, but also their careful checking and, if necessary, correction.

Owning the fullest operational database of goods and items subject to declaration, as well as the ability to translate documents, we give our customers the opportunity to simplify the passage of customs and optimize the payment of required fees.

The ability to create a continuous chain of "transportation - storage - customs services - storage - transportation to the destination" makes it possible to simplify and reduce the cost of even very complex routes and the shipment of non-standard goods. For example, we have extensive experience in organizing the delivery of electronic components and automotive components, our services are used by leading companies in these areas throughout Russia. Request for transport quotes

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Customs Clearance


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